Cats Dancing on Jupiter

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Cats Dancing on Jupiter (2011) is directed by Jordan Alan, co-written by Jeremy Milks and Jordan Alan, and stars Amanda Righetti, Anneliese van der Pol, Jonathan Bennett, and Erica Taylor.

Jo and Kylie, two mid-20s bombshells, have been close friends since childhood. When they are not at home in the Hollywood Hills, Jo is working her way through the stylish world of advertising, and Kylie is an aspiring actress.

Although they seem perfect from the outside, the two women are haunted by a tragedy from their past, assaulted as twelve-year-olds by a sadistic family in Iowa. As adults, they prey upon men, as both manipulators and voyeurs, assessing their own actions with fervor and little remorse.

They meet Ben at a hot nightclub and soon a strange cat and mouse game unfolds between the three of them. While Ben plays Jo and Kylie against one another, he fails to notice that the women are cold and calculating, and that he is really the one being manipulated.

With a backdrop of indie techno, drugs, sex, and murder, the film crashes through the dark world of LA and the women that lie, and doesn’t stop until the shocking twist ending that will leave you thinking about it for days.

Directed by Jordan Alan (Terminal Bliss/Kiss & Tell), and starring Amanda Righetti (Michael Bay’s Friday the 13th, The O.C., and CBS’s The Mentalist).

Jo and Kylie will be tracking you down.




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